MOSH is Enforcing the new Silica Standard now!

I heard a rumor today that MOSH was now enforcing the new Silica Standard as of last Thursday so I checked the MOSH website… again. There was still no mention of it. I really hate their site! The only new adoption of a standard news listed was for Confined Space in Construction. So I called their office. The receptionist that answered… knew nothing. She told me to call Tom. I called and asked if the rumor was true. He said “maybe”. LOL  He put me on hold to double check. Came back with the news… MOSH was now enforcing the new Silica Standard as of yesterday, Monday the 16th of July, 2018. After a long wait for them to adopt it, here it is!

If you haven’t done so yet, you need to provide a General Health Hazard Awareness training to all of your employees and then provide Competent Person training to anyone running your jobs. A backup person is a good idea. CSM can provide this training for you. Contact our office to get you the loop.

This should get interesting real fast. Especially since everyone has had 1-2 years to prepare.

Good luck!

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