VOSH $304,130 Silica Citation!

Wow, talk about a big citation. VOSH has issued 5 citations and a $304,130 penalties to Lanford Brothers Company for exposing their workers to Respirable Crystalline Silica hazards while using jackhammers to remove concrete from bridge piers. The inspection revealed that the company did not provide adequate eye & respiratory protection, had failed to assess each worker for their exposure to Silica, and permitted their workers to use tools without proper dust control methods.

This is the second dollar amount we’ve hear about. The first was $12,600. This one is WAY above that! Clearly Virginia isn’t fooling around. Make sure you have all of your employees trained on the health hazards of Silica along with Competent Person training. Any tools being used MUST follow Table 1 guidelines. Don’t get caught!

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