There is NO Delaware OSHA!

I hear it a lot: Delaware OSHA, The Delaware OSHA guy/girl was here, etc., etc. Guess what? There is no Delaware OSHA! Delaware does not have a state program like Maryland (MOSH) & Virginia (VOSH). There is no DOSH. Delaware is under Federal OSHA just like Pennsylvania & New Jersey. The OSHA office is in Wilmington. I’ve been there. I’ve also seen real life Federal OSHA inspectors in Delaware, but only twice in 12 years! haha

Why then, is there this misconception about there being a Delaware OSHA? Well, there is an Office of Safety & Health Consultation (OSHC) that operates through the Division of Industrial Affairs which all runs through the Delaware Department of Labor. They offer small to medium sized companies safety consultation & training services just like CSM does. Albeit CSM offers way more training!

Here’s the other rumor: If you get Delaware OSHA on site & under their protection umbrella, you won’t be inspected by the Federal OSHA. Again, this is not true. How it actually works is you must sign up for a Comprehensive Consultation, correct ALL identified hazards, AND establish an effective S&H program. Do all of this and you MIGHT receive a certificate exempting you from programmed inspections for 1 year. This exemption may be limited to smaller employers and to employees covered by federal OSHA. If you fail to eliminate or control any identified serious hazards according to the plan and within the agreed upon time frame, the department MUST refer your project to Federal OSHA. Then you have problems!

If you need Safety Inspections, Safety Training, a second or even third set of eyes, CSM is available to help. Reach out today for more information on how a proactive safety program can help your bottom line.

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