OSHA Citations Going Up!

If you’re working in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Washington, D.C. get ready to pony up some serious cash for any citations. OSHA is raising their fees to “adjust for inflation”. lol

New penalties for Willful & Repeat violations will be a whopping $132,598.00 per violation! Serious, Other-Than-Serious, & Posting requirement violations will be $13,260 per violation! If you fail to abate violations expect to pay $13,260 PER DAY beyond the abatement date!

It goes without saying that you must be on top of your game. Make sure you have your best foremen running your jobs. Make sure your employees are all trained. This goes not only for equipment they use, but Hazard Communication too. These penalty amounts are outrageous and could put you out of business.

If you need help, please get in touch with us for training, inspections, or just consultation.

Good luck!!

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