Delaware OSHA is hunting for Residential Violations!

Homebuilders & Residential Contractors in Delaware, especially Kent County, are actively being targeted for “Imminent Danger” violations by OSHA. Procedures in the OSHA Field Operations Manual are being bypassed. There have been at least 4 instances recently where two compliance officers (training tag alongs) are riding through residential developments (private property) looking for imminent danger violations to for go announcing themselves on site, showing I.D., and conducting an opening conference and informing you of your rights.

Did you know you can delay them up to one hour for a manager or safety consultant to get there (this is why they’re using “imminent danger”)? Did you know you have the right to be present during an inspection? Do your workers and trades know that they have the right to talk to them and also the right not to talk to them?

Homebuilders and General Contractors beware! If you have a subcontractor on site that gets a violation, you should be prepared to receive a duplicate citation based on the Multi Employer Jobsite rule. The citations they are writing are layered and have been around $20,000! The citations are legitimate, but the tactics they are using are less than professional. What’s worse is the Area Director will want you to send someone to a training class that costs an additional $850!

At CSMt, our focus is on our clients safety and liability exposure. We want your workers to go home safe and we want your business to stay open. We can provide help with dealing with OSHA, MOSH, & VOSH on site and at their office when contesting citations. We can provide Safety Programs, Site Inspections, and Safety Training to help get & keep you in compliance.

Our advice for now is to stop them, make them identify themselves, make them do an opening conference and a closing conference when done. If they put up resistance, tell them to get a warrant. You have rights too!

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