Dealing with Stress in Construction: Get “lighter”

How do you handle the stress of working in the construction industry? It doesn’t matter what level you are at, stress comes from every direction. Getting to and from work, dealing with the traffic, the job itself & the deadlines. If you’re a Project Manager, Superintendent, or in upper management, the stress you deal with can be even more overwhelming. What if I told you there was a “magic” way to make it easier to deal with or even make it go away?

My aunt was in town visiting for a few days and had was having a discussion with my wife about grief, traumas, and the different therapies she has tried over the years. I overheard a section of the conversation and it made me pause. The next morning I asked my aunt what was that “other” therapy you were talking about last night? The one where you said “there’s therapy where you talk it out and there’s EMDR”. She then described how years ago she was in a session and the therapist had her hold two “buzzy things”. She asked how my aunt felt about a certain situation and my aunt described her anger with it. They went through the session and when finished, the therapist asked my aunt how she felt about it again. My aunt said she didn’t feel anything about it anymore. The anger was gone. I was amazed!

My aunt told me there’s this amazing version of it done virtually now and had me pull up the website There’s a video cartoon that explains how it works and that our brains are like computers. When you get a virus (or trauma) it doesn’t work right and needs to have an anti-virus scan run. That I can understand so I was sold! They have 3 days free trial so I signed up immediately. I signed up for my wife. I figured 3 days of free therapy and she’ll be great. You see, she’s been dealing with immense grief for years after losing her father and brother. Plus she has anger, fear, anxiety, trauma, and other things that haunt her daily.

She did her first session that night based on Grief with my aunt guiding her through it. I could hear her sobbing from the other room, but I let them be. When she was done I asked how it went & she said fine. She missed  the next 2 free days (awesome, now I’m in for the next month), but did another session the day after that. When I asked her how it had gone and if she noticed a difference (after all it’s not free anymore) she said yes, she wasn’t feeling as much grief as she had been for so long. It worked! Now she can use it for other issues she wants to tackle. I’m using it for Stress and possibly a few other topics too. I like the results! I don’t feel as “heavy” about what’s on my plate at work anymore. It’s crazy how good this works! & I don’t have to talk about anything with anyone. I just type it out!

If you are having trouble with stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, etc. I definitely recommend trying VirtualEMDR out. Give it a shot for 3 days or 3 months. It’ll change your life!