Every month we send out a request asking what sites you’d like us to inspect. We then assign your company/site to one of our qualified Safety Consultants. Your inspector will make contact with your site contact when on site and walk with them when possible. Any violations observed (yours or any your workers are exposed to) during the walk will be noted in your report along with advice on how to correct them. Your report will include photos as well as failed items, compliant items, and any assigned actions give. If you have any special policies in place we’ll enforce those as well.

Safety Inspections are best done when your crews don’t know we’re coming. It does you no good if all you get are good reports. You want to know what’s really going on out in the field… especially if it’s bad.

Safety Training can be provided at your office, your sites, or our Beltsville, MD office. We can provide quick safety meetings or in-depth training on topics related to your trade or required for a job.


Our seasoned Consultants will represent you during a Compliance Inspection, help you with any Citation Paperwork received, and accompany you to any Informal & Formal Conferences that may be requested after being cited.

Did you know OSHA has raised their citation amounts? The new minimum amount for a citation could be a whopping $13,700!

When a Compliance Inspector shows up at your job site, call us & we will dispatch a Consultant to your site as soon as we can. Once on site we’ll take the lead. Your Consultant will create a report of any citations the Compliance Officer is recommending & any Violations we observe as well and advice on the next steps you need to take.


Whether you need a new Safety Program or you have one that needs updating, CSMt will work with you to design a custom program with policies, procedures, and then help you implement it.

The main goal of a Safety & Health Program is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, & deaths, as well as the suffering & financial hardship these events can cause for workers, their families, & employers.

Our programs are based on standards from OSHA & best practices in your industry. We offer them in a printed binder with digital files for single trades and General Contractors. Send us your Table of Contents for a review.

OSHA 10 & 30 Hour for Construction
The 10 Hour course is good for workers in the field, while the 30 Hour course is more suited towards your Foreman and Superintendents. The training does not expire, but we do recommend that it be taken every 3 to 5 years. Training is held at the location of your choosing along with the hours best suited for your current schedule. The minimum student count is 3.
Fall Protection
Fall protection is one of the most frequently cited violations in construction every year. We believe it’s mainly due to a lack of training & equipment selection. Our program helps your workers recognize fall hazards & how to minimize them. We will cover the potential hazards you’re exposed to & the protective measures needed while working from heights.
Aerial Lifts (MEWP)
This course will familiarize your workers with the hazards related to aerial lifts & scissor lifts by providing them with best practices to ensure safety while operating or working near an aerial lift. We also cover the latest ANSI updates to pass along critical safety information.
Silica Safety
Effective 10-23-17 the new Silica Standard went into effect. This course will cover the general safety awareness training required for all personnel and the extended class will allow your foremen to be considered Competent Persons. We will cover what you’re using or should be using, Table 1 compliance, and how to maintain production times.
Confined Spaces in Construction
The new OSHA Standard requires companies performing construction activities must “ensure that each of its employees who enter a confined space acquires the knowledge and skill necessary for the safe performance of confined space entry operations”. We offer two classes: Awareness & Entry Team that covers the basics of working safely in confined spaces and complies with the training requirements of the new regulation.
Forklifts - Construction & Industrial
Training provides forklift operators, new & experienced, with training on key safety and operation practices of forklifts.

This course requires refresher training every 3 years.

Trenching & Excavation
Training focuses on safety measures & best practices that will help your employees avoid trench accidents by training them on safe excavation procedures.
Electric Safety
This course covers the basic training needs of unqualified employees & can serve as a refresher training for qualified employees. Covers Arc Flash, Lockout/Tagout, and much more.
Scaffold Safety
Two courses to cover Suspended or Supported Scaffolding used in construction. We can do a basic course or the Competent Person with Erection. Teaches your workers the OSHA requirements, how to use scaffold safely, and identifying hazards. If you have workers that use or even borrow scaffold, this course is essential.
Stairs & Ladder Safety
Training covers the rules for stairways and ladders and is cited very often. Provides formal training on potential hazards, protective measures to prevent injuries, & selecting the right equipment for your tasks.
Hazard Communication/GHS
Training meets the requirements of the Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard and the new GHS provisions. Covers the new label elements and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) format change that went into effect December 1, 2013.
Basic Rigger & Signal Person
Required training for all workers performing any rigging work and engaged in lifting loads. Communication & Hand Signals are covered as well. This is a Pass/Fail course that takes 6-8 hours.
First Aid, CPR, AED
First Aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person until competent medical care, if needed, is obtained. The ability to recognize a serious medical emergency and knowledge of how to get and give help may mean the difference between life and death. Our CPR training complies with the latest guidelines as outlined by the American Heart Association. AED training is also available to add to your class.

Refresher training is required every 2 years.

Other Training Topics & Services Available
CSMt can provide training on any other topics not listed as well as select Competent Person training. We do not certify your workers. Only you can do that.

Power Equipment Operator

Site Specific Plans

JHA’s, AHA’s, etc.

3rd Party Compliance Inspections

If you don’t see it, please contact us to discuss.